Design & Installation

SG Ekenheim, Training Manager Dafo Vehicle

A tested and certified vehicle fire suppression system in combination with a reliable fire detection system is the best first line of response in case of an emergency such as at a thermal incident.

Before the installation of Dafo Vehicle's fire suppression systems, our technician conducts an onsite fire risk analysis to identify potential fire hazards. The severity and probability are then assessed. Also when our technician conducts the pilot installation of the fire suppression system much effort is spent to achieve ways to reduce the material consumption such as length of piping and cables etc. to design an optimized fire protection solution for the vehicle. By doing this thoroughly not only will it reduce the material consumption but also reduce the installation time of the forthcoming “serial installation”. This process also includes ways to establish flawless solutions for the installation e.g. Poka-yoke as well as establishing smarter solutions i.e. in order not to block access to critical components that are part of the vehicle’s powertrain.

Our skilled staff and trained distributors have the essential skills to meet customer demands as well as national and international standards.