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Electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs and HEVs) in all segments are entering the global markets at high speed. There are many benefits as low, or non-existent emissions, cost-efficient operation, and reduced noise levels. However the new technology also provides a lot of challenges, and one of them is lithium-ion batteries. Consequences connected to risks of Li-ion batteries in case of a malfunction may imply serious outcomes, for example, if the driver is affected by gas emissions or by fire/explosion. Short-circuiting, overcharging, high temperatures, mechanical damage, and overheating might cause thermal runaway and the release of a flammable electrolyte which makes fire extinguishing very difficult.

Dafo Vehicle has followed the vehicle development closely and seen an increased need for fire protection as more electric and hybrid vehicles have been introduced to the market.  

To find a solution we have taken our experience with conventional vehicle fire protection and combined it with extensive research and testing to be able to offer the best possible solutions to meet the new needs. Our SafeEV range of products and system solutions offer the market's most effective and reliable solutions for electrical and hybrid vehicles available. 

The patented and award-winning fire protection system was developed through the EU-funded research project Li-IonFire and initially aimed at electrified buses in public transport. The Dafo Vehicle system is an advanced fire suppression system with a fire prevention part integrated into the system. This means that the system can detect any temperature changes in the lithium-ion battery at an early stage and cool it down before reaching the critical thermal runaway state, which can result in the battery starting to burn and a fully developed fire occurs.  
Today there are no successful methods to extinguish a battery that has already caught fire and entered into the thermal runaway stage, after an overcharge or vehicle collision. If the battery starts to burn, the highly toxic gas hydrogen fluoride (HF), emits which can cause serious injuries to both the skin and the respiratory tract.  

Dafo Vehicle is today alone in the market to offer a complete fire protection system for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Li-IonFire delivers to the market a product that didn’t exist until now: a system that can offer real protection against battery fires, using a new suppression agent, Forrex EV™, which is specifically developed for EV applications,” says Gulliksson.

Anders Gulliksson

Product Manager

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