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Dafo Vehicle employees

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At Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection the commitment, talent and diversity of our employees is crucial to the companys innovation and success. Together we work hard and take pride in what we do, inventing safety for people and vehicles all over the world.

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Business And Sales

Anton Lund Gulliksson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Anton Lund Gulliksson

Account Manager

Fredrik Martini, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Fredrik Martini

Regional Sales Sweden

Fredrik Rosén, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Fredrik Rosén

Business Manager Europe, Middle East, North-, West- and Central Africa

Holger Pfriem, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Holger Pfriem

Business Manager Asia and Australasia

Joakim Johansson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Joakim Johansson

Business Manager Sweden and Norway

Jonas Bergström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Jonas Bergström

Business Manager - Bus and Coach

Marcello Sanchez, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Marcello Sanchez

Business Manager Latin America, Southwest Europe and South Africa

Dafo Asia Sdn Bhd

Abdul Walid Bin Abdul Wahab, Dafo Asia;

Abdul Walid Bin Abdul Wahab

Technical Engineer

Suhadah Shukri (Sue);

Suhadah Shukri (Sue)


Dafo Energy Storage Protection

Kristoffer Eldin;

Kristoffer Eldin

Managing Director

Dafo France

Silhouette man;

Rémy Cimino

Business Manager France & Benelux

Dafo Us

Adrian Gerth, Dafo US;

Adrian Gerth

Operations Manager

Chris Conway, Dafo US;

Chris Conway

Technical Director

Darrin Stevens, Dafo US;

Darrin Stevens

Research and Field Technician

Jay Taylor, Dafo US;

Jay Taylor

Regional Manager

Joey Peoples, Dafo US;

Joseph Peoples


Robert Ratliff, Dafo US;

Robert Ratliff

Account Manager

Dafo Vehicle Estonia Oü

Lauri Nirgi, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Lauri Nirgi

Development Manager / Site Manager Estonia

Mart Soodla, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Mart Soodla

Electronics & Software Engineer

Meelis Reimets, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Meelis Reimets

Electronics & Software Engineer

Meelis Valdur, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Meelis Valdur

Software Engineer

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection Finland Oy

Hannu Sartovuo, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Hannu Sartovuo

CEO Dafo Vehicle OY

Jari Kuisma, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Jari Kuisma

Installation & Service

Sami Saarelainen, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Sami Saarelainen

Account Manager Forestry

Teemu Kemppainen;

Teemu Kemppainen

Installation & Service

Tuomas Tapper, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Tuomas Tapper

Installation & Service

Vesa Vahtiala 500X500;

Vesa Vahtiala

Logistics coordinator & Customer Sales Support


Anders Gulliksson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Gustav Daggenfelt, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Gustav Daggenfelt

Documentation Engineer

Johan Östlund, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Kaj Dahlström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Max Näsström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Max Näsström

Product Designer

Mikael Wesslen, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Roshan Lee, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Roshan Lee

Documentation Engineer

Finance And Administration

Annika Kindwall, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Annika Kindwall

Administrative Support

Gustav Svaröd, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Gustaf Svaröd

Financial Assistant

Silhouette woman;

Inger Tufvesson

Senior Chief Accountant

Josephine Samuelson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Josephine Samuelson

CFO & HR Director

Installation & Service

Christer Summanen, Dafo Vehicle North;

Christer Summanen

Site Manager Älvsbyn

Christian Clasen, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Christian Clasén

Installation & Service

Dennis Koglin, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Dennis Koglin

Training & Installation Design

Jerry Carlsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Jerry Carlsson

Installation & Service

Jimmy Karlsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Jimmy Karlsson

Installation & Service

Johan Andersson, Dafo Vehicle North;

Johan Andersson

Installation & Service

Mikael Widgren, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Mikael Widgren

Installation & Service

Niklas Eriksson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Niklas Eriksson

Installation & Service

Niklas Lundkvist, Dafo Vehicle North;

Niklas Lundkvist

Installation & Service

Patrik Wikstrom;

Patrik Wikström

Installation & Service

Peter Zurkirchen, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Peter Zurkirchen

Team Leader Installation & Service

Pierre Gustafsson;

Pierre Gustafsson

Installation & Service

Robin Persson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Robin Persson

Installation & Service

SG Ekenheim, Training & Installation Design Dafo Vehicle;

SG Ekenheim

Training & Installation Design

Sten-Ake Karlsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Sten-Åke Karlsson

Installation & Service


Hannu Sartovuo, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Hannu Sartovuo

Sales Director / Vice President

Johan Balstad, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Johan Balstad

Sales Director / Vice President

Josephine Samuelson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Josephine Samuelson

CFO & HR Director

Mikael Persson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;


Åsa Westhammar, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Åsa Westhammar

Marketing Coordinator

Fredrik Rosén, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Fredrik Rosén

Marketing Manager


Peter Eriksson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Peter Eriksson

Site Manager Katrineholm

Simon Lundström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Simon Lundström

Operations Manager

Operations - Customer & Sales Support

Daniel Olausson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Daniel Olausson

Team Leader Customer & Sales support

Mathias Forsmark, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mathias Forsmark

Customer & Sales Support

Mats Berglund, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mats Berglund

Customer & Sales Support

Mikael Kjell, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mikael Kjell

Customer & Sales Support

Niklas Lundström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Niklas Lundström

Customer & Sales Support

Operations - Production

Silhouette man;

Jesper Ek

Production Supervisor

Jimmy Saxwold, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Jimmy Saxvold

Team Leader Production

Operations - Purchasing

Casper Hertsjö, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Casper Hertsjö

Operational Buyer

Mikael Dovrell, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mikael Dovrell

Logistics Manager