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The overall objective of Dafo Vehicle has always been to work with continuous improvements, research, and developments to make our systems more reliable, sustainable, and innovative.  

Dafo Vehicle continuously works with sustainability, meaning environmental sensitivity without compromising safety. A potential fire in a risk related environment would have a significant impact on the working- and public environment. Dafo Vehicle is measuring and mitigating impacts from manufacture to end-of-life is of and by choosing a Dafo Vehicle system our customers can rest assured that it favorable contributes with added value in their own sustainability work.  

Every fire will cause significant environmental effect, we as Dafo Vehicle carry on our responsibility for securing an environmentally friendly future for the upcoming generation. Our current products and ongoing R&D process focus on applying recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to get as low an ecological footprint as possible. We are proud to be on the front line of our industry improving and applying environmentally friendly solutions.