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Fire protection of CNC machines

CNC machines are nowadays frequently used in many industries. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, meaning machines controlled with computers. 

The CNC machines handling metal materials such as turning machines and milling cutters pose great fire risks. In the processing space inside the machine, there are several potential risk factors. If there is a problem with the cutting tools, or if the machine feeds the material at too high speed the process space can become overheated. Small pieces of metal chips and flammable materials such as Titanium are other high-risk factors. When the machine is operating, a coolant liquid is used to lubricate and lower the temperatures. This liquid is flammable and can easily be ignited.

Up till now, there are no regulations in place requiring the use of fire suppression systems for CNC machines. A fire can be costly in many aspects and to protect the machine and the surrounding environment, as well as minimizing downtime, the best solution is to invest in a fire protection system that will effectively detect and suppress any fire.



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