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There is a global transition to renewable fuels and by that an increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV). As more electric vehicles become operational, their involvement in fire incidents is likely to rise.

The significant fire risks associated with vehicles being powered by batteries and high-power electric engines/devices are not widely understood. For example, the consequence from a malfunctioning Li-ion battery can be very serious, potentially resulting in a thermal runaway situation with rapid-fire and heat propagation as well as the emission of toxic gasses, posing a great threat to vehicle drivers, occupants as well as the environment in which the vehicle is operating.

Through multiple international collaborative research projects in which studies were made of fire risks associated with lithium-ion batteries in vehicles, Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has developed the Li-IonFire™ fire protection system that addresses and mitigates these risks effectively and safely. 

Li-IonFire delivers to the market a product that didn’t exist until now: a system that can offer real protection against battery fires, using a new suppression agent, Forrex EV™, which is specifically developed for EV applications.

Anders Gulliksson

Product Manager

The system will detect potential battery failure, at the earliest possible stage and take immediate action by cooling, using the suppression agent Forrex EV™. This will effectively stop, or delay, a potentially hazardous situation without the fire developing further.

Stages of Li-Iopm Battery Failure

Depending on the protection level that needs to be achieved the Li-IonFire™ solution can either be applied outside the battery packs or as an integrated part of the packs. The li-IonFire™ solution can also be limited to detection only without the suppression application.


Anders Gulliksson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Anders Gulliksson

Product Manager

Holger Pfriem, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

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Business Manager Asia and Australasia

Joakim Johansson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Joakim Johansson

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