Dafo Cloud

Dafo Vehicle cloud symbols

The DafoCLOUD is a risk management tool that is a cloud-based ecosystem to secure the full lifecycle of fire detection and suppression systems (FDSS).

The DafoCLOUD is a Microsoft AZURE based ecosystem that provides access to the full history and genealogy of the vehicle fire detection and suppression systems that have been supplied by Dafo. With DafoCLOUD the complete information about the FDSS is seamlessly accessible and updatable by relevant stakeholders.

The restricted access database contains information about the whole life cycle of each FDSS:

• detailed test report and other data from manufacturing

• installation details

• planned and unplanned maintenance/service reports, incl. associated files/information

• all event log files

DafoCLOUD allows controlled collecting and distributing of all information about vehicle Fire Detection and Suppression Systems (FDSS). The information includes, but is not limited to data gathered following stages:


The FDSS is tested and programmed by using equipment connected to DafoCLOUD and enables full control and visibility about the firmware files, settings, and configurations.


The FDSS-specific installation documentation is accessible for technicians such as date, location, vehicle details which are inserted into DafoCLOUD.


Both planned and unplanned maintenance activities, including associated time-stamped reports, photos/videos will be stored.

The full event log can be downloaded to the DafoCLOUD for later analysis

DafoCLOUD as a state-of-the-art risk management tool enables various safety systems to be handled in a very controlled way, benefitting all stakeholders, including manufacturing, OEMs, maintenance, insurance, bus operators, and allowing FDSS to start advancing from Big Data. The DafoCLOUD is the basis for controlling and reducing the total cost of ownership.