Electric cabinet fire suppression system PFK

Dafo Vehicle Electric Cabinet Fire Suppression

In modern vehicles, especially with the increasing number of hybrid and electric drivelines, the need for fire protection of other areas than the engine compartment is more and more demanded. As many of these new hazards could be unsuitable to protect with a liquid agent, Dafo Vehicle offers an alternative solution based on the FK-5-1-12 suppression agent. These systems are ideal for the protection of hazards in smaller enclosures like electrical cabinets. The PFK suppression system is a pre-engineered solution that is easy to install and can be easily integrated with the extensive Dafo Vehicle range of fire protection solutions.

There are two available sizes of cylinders so that optimum performance of the protected volume can be achieved. The system is compatible with all Dafo Vehicle detection and control components and can function as part of a bigger system or as a stand-alone system.