Fire suppression system SV-V Vulcan

Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression System SV V Vulcan

The Vulcan system is our top of the line brand which has been developed to meet the most challenging demands. 
The basic components of the Vulcan system are a linear fire detection wire, piping, nozzles, and a non-pressurized agent tank. Instead of obtaining the pressure by releasing the suppression agent with the pressure from a standalone Nitrogen cartridge, the pressure is obtained from an integrated actuator system in the agent tank.

The SV-V agent tank offers flexible installation and can be position horizontal to upright. With fewer components included as part of the system design the installation time will be shorter and the time for the supply chain material handling process will be kept at a minimum.

As the agent tank is non-pressurized it is maintenance-free for 15 years.

A low total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important key factor for every bus operator. The Vulcan fire suppression system, with its superior low maintenance and reliability, contributes to increased profitability through less downtime for the operator.